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fri 14 jun 2024 21:00 hrs
Composers: Frank Zappa | Stevie Wonder

In JazzNotJazz, we create a unique mixtape from 100 years of Jazz recordings, combined with relevant, or sometimes not-so-relevant facts. The focus of this program is The Soul of Jazz, so we will most definitely deviate to associated genres. We also have some infrequently recurring segments such as “De Niet Platgespeelde Standard” (The Unplayed Standard), “Ellington Train Songs,” “Jazz Cameosl,” and “More is Better.”

During this episode we will listen to two of our favourite jazz standards with original instrumental basis. We will listen to a trio of songs we can label ‘jazz-rock’. We will also once again show Frank Zappa’s love-hate relationship with jazz. Then we will listen to a somewhat original jazz cameo. Finally, we will play a virtuoso yet moving performance of a Danish children’s song.


Track 01: Sonny Rollins, Grand Street

Track 02: Hank Mobley, No Room For Squares

Track 03: Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen & Oscar Peterson, I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro

Track 04: Stan Getz, Whisper Not

Track 05: Stevie Wonder, Contusion

Track 06: Narada Michael Walden, Victory Suite

Track 07: Jeff Beck, Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers

Track 08: Frank Zappa, Stolen Moments

Track 09: Frank Zappa, Murder By Numbers

Track 10: Sonny Rollins, Grand Street

Track 11: Material & Whitney Houston, Memories

Track 12: Freddie Hubbard, The Love Connection

picture Frank Zappa:  Helge Øverås
Produced by:
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